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Shadow Plays: Burma's Political Prisoners - Vidéo !

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Shadow Plays: Burma's Political Prisoners - Vidéo ! Empty Shadow Plays: Burma's Political Prisoners - Vidéo !

Message  Admin Mar 17 Aoû 2010 - 5:20

Filmmaker Hallacy has not seen her friend, songwriter Khun Saing, for nine years.

Today they are to be re-united.
As she drives through the streets of Mae Sod, she is unable to hide her excitement. The reunion is emotional.

I just want to see the expression on his face, (she laughs) first thing, it’s nine years since I saw him. I’m sure it was many lifetimes for him…. My friend, my friend!

The two share a special bond.
They met in Rangoon, after he’d served five years in prison for political reasons, and became close friends. Hallacy agreed to smuggle a manuscript he was writing about the student movement out of Burma. When the authorities discovered this, he was thrown back in jailed where he almost died of tuberculosis.

We see Khun Saing with his friend Bo Kyi briefing a foreign diplomat in the AAPP prison museum. There are hundreds of photographs on the walls.
Khun Saing points to a photo of his friend who was tortured and beaten to death. He stares silently at the sketches and drawings depicting torture scenes, lost in his memories.
He explains that the song we here in the background is one of his own compositions. He wrote it in prison. He says he once dreamed of becoming a doctor, but that the dream was shattered after his arrest and prison sentences.

"I was sentenced three times under successive military regimes and I spent nearly 13 years behind bars…there was mental torture always, physical torture during the interrogation period. I passed these terrible days." – Khun Saing

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