l'esprit voyageur en asie du sud-est
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Message  thanaka Jeu 4 Mar 2010 - 8:15

Shot in the magnificent jungle of South East Asia, by the border between Cambodia and Laos, this poetic documentary film invites you to a rendez-vous with grassroots populations nested on the Mekong subriver shores. They explore and develop simple yet very effective solutions to the pressing ecological hazards. A beautiful example of humble "green living" and sustainable development, that balance economic and social progress with environment preservation. A source of inspiration and hope for citizens around the globe, who are willing to participate actively in the fight against natural resources degradation and climate change.

"...indelible images..." Roxy McKilwain quoted in her article Smells Like Cambodian Paradise, published in The Smell Of Napalm Film Review

Green Alert has notably illustrated tangible results, prospects, flaws and achievements of aid programs funded by The World Bank, in a context of fundraising by development specialists working on the field with government agents and rural populations. It has also been programmed at The Green Reel Environmental Film Festival (Canada) and the Edinburgh Aim Festival (UK)


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