The Joy of Living, A Cambodian Village, Portrait

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The Joy of Living, A Cambodian Village, Portrait

Message  Admin le Dim 5 Déc 2010 - 8:13

Cambodia is literally one huge rice paddy and the country side is just beautiful during this season. Even though the people have not been pleased with freedom in the past everyone welcomes you with open arms wherever you go. Children always smile at you, wave and say "Hello". Trapang Chhuk Hamlet is a charming small village south Phnom Penh near the elephant mountains. Very basic and no tourism at all. We had the chance to spend two days at Srah's place and shooting a little short film about this nice village and the daily life going on there.
Mr. Heng Chum does a great job with helping and educating children while they are not working on the rice fields. The film is a co-production of Caringo Photografix and Kraakhelder Production where editing credits go to KP.
Thanks again to the village people for the hospitality especially to Srah and his family as well as Mr. Heng Chum.

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